Why Sustainable Projects?

Nastritessuti carries out its sustainable business project and involves partners like you in initiatives aimed at protecting the environment and contributing to the achievement of the sustainable development goals set by the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals SDGS – Sustainable Development Goals.
We use sustainable materials, we rely on renewable energies, we have planted a company wood.
We work alongside our partners not only as suppliers, but also with small gestures and projects chosen by our team to try to transform the world together.


The adoption of our company wood

“We create oases of biodiversity and help pollinators, we have become allies of bees and the environment by adopting our company forest”

Ours is a real monitored oasis through a virtual space where will appear the summary of the number of bees we feed with our trees, the kilograms of nectar produced, the number of CO2 absorbed.
The adopted wood consists of 50 trees planted in November 2023

The grower we support with the Nastritessuti Oasis is Mattia Masato.

The Oasis is located in Merlara (PD) and Mattia decided to allocate her family land to sustainability projects, realizing the importance of biodiversity and being in a place extremely affected by monocultures and intensive agriculture, he decided to act first hand to create a place where nature is still master. The most important aspect is precisely this: it is a real oasis surrounded by agriculture and fields, in the heart of the Venetian Po plain.
We chose to make our small contribution.



Sustainable development management

“Thanks to continuous research into the best use of renewable sources, Nastritessuti has chosen to equip itself with a photovoltaic system.”

For the design and installation, we chose to rely on a Family company in the renewable energy sector that, like us, has been operating since 1974.
Our goal is to improve the environmental impact of our weaving, working to make our way of working as sustainable as possible, respecting the GRS and GOTS Standards, the Ethic Code of Business and a new Environmental System Management.


Turn constraints into possibilities

“The idea is inspired by the story of Mirko Toller, a boy suffering from a disabling disease Sma, who had the dream of create an amusement park accessible to all.”

In collaboration with Tecnoplangroup s.r.l, Angelini and the MUSE museum of Trento, we followed a project in which we used the technology of 3D helmets and structures made with our elastic bands, to allow children like Mirko, suffering from disabling physical disabilities, to approach an experience similar to that of attending a real luna park, allowing to express their vitality, transforming constraints into possibilities.

Tecnoplangroup S.rl. has designed a play area that serves as a dynamic interface between the virtual world experience, given by the helmet, and the real world, by elastic bands that serve as a support to reduce the impact of disability caused by disabling diseases.
In this project, the main element is precisely the amusement park ride, made of elastic ribbons in bright colors, bright lights and dynamic qualities aimed at a strong attractiveness.